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Our company, KUSAKABE Electric and Machinery Co.,Ltd was found in 1916 and began its involvement with the tube and pipe industry in 1959. A full range of Tube and Pipe mills and associated equipment is available for all sectors of the tube and pipe industry. The many years of tube and pipe experience and know-how coupled with an innovative design team and the high quality workmanship of the manufacturing and installation teams has made Kusakabe a leading and inventive tube and pipe mill and associated equipment supplier. Kusakabe mills and associated equipment is operating in at least 26 countries and with a strong customer base in Japan has grown and developed by meeting and exceeding the expectation of its customers. Research and Development activities are constantly bringing to the market new products, concepts and improvements that allow our customers to not only face the challenges of the industry but to also become leading, responsive and efficient manufacturers of tube and pipe. for the past 47 years, with equipment operating in more than 26 countries. New ideas and concepts are continually being developed by Kusakabe to address the challenges faced by tube and pipe manufacturers around the world. It is a strong group of professional engineers. Their workmanship has been supporting and maintaining the company. Those loyal workers share our company philosophy.
Company Philosophy
We do make the best efforts to develop innovative machines for the customers
We share joy of lives with the customers, the suppliers and the employees through the accomplishment of the work.
Our goal is to establish a unique technology/service for continuous contribution to the industry.
Location/Main office & factory 11-2, 2-chome, Murotani, Nishi-ku, Kobe 651-2241 Japan
Phone +81-78-992-9100
Establishment 1916
Busines Prospectus Design & Manufacturing for ERW Tube & Pipe Plant
Capital 10,000,000 Japanese yen
President Ryouji Kusakabe
Number of Employees 90