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Rotary Turret Mill
Rotary Turret Mill
Outline of Rotary Turret Mill
The Turret Mill bed is of square section and is at the back of the stands and mounted on bearings that enable it to be rotated. Stands can be mounted on all four faces of the bed. This enables the roll changes to be carried out off line and the change over time is very fast. Seam guide and squeeze stand are also mounted on the turret.
Use of Rotary Turret Mill
Suitable for Automotive conponents, Automotive exhaust, Mechanical and Precision tube. Short run, quick change, Just in Time production systems.
Features of Rotary Turret Mill
Off line roll change over and set up. - Reduction in Tube inventroy - Short run friendly - Suitable for JIT production - Improved floor space utilization - Operator friendly.
Specifications of Rotary Turret Mill
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