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H-Set Tube and Pipe Mill
Outline of H-Set Tube and Pipe Mill
The Half Stand Exchange Type Tube and Pipe mill is an improved version of the conventional raft type tube Mill. One stand remains permanently on the Mill base and the front stand and tooling are on the removable sub-bed.
Use of H-Set Tube and Pipe Mill
Suitable for Automotive conponents, Automotive exhaust, Mechanical and Precision tube. Short run, quick change, Just in Time production systems.
Features of H-Set Tube and Pipe Mill
Uses half the stands of a conventional rafted mill. The stands are more rigid as the tops are not removable.Lower initial investment.Easier to change rolls as stand does not have to be removed. Less congestion. Less weight for crane to lift.Width of mill.
Specifications of H-Set Tube and Pipe Mill
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